Saturday, 13 February 2010

An interesting Stier....

Word reaches my ears from Australia that Jamie Stier, the former Hong Kong Jockey Club Director of Stewards who has just been appointed Director of Regulation at the BHA, completely canned Betfair on Sunday morning on Sky Channel - the racing broadcaster owned by our biggest competitor in Australia, Tabcorp.

He said he doesn't believe in the product, and thinks it jeapoardises integrity in racing.

Given that the man in charge of integrity at the BHA, Paul Scotney, is on record as saying that, "The real watershed for racing was the betting exchanges because they didn’t cause the corruption, they brought it out into the open and exposed what was already there," it could be that there are some interesting conversations coming at British racing's HQ.


  1. It was actually on Sky Racing not TVN.
    Naturally enough his comments about Betfair didn't receive any arguments from the Tabcorp employee's on the panel.

  2. thanks John - you're quite right! I've changed it in the copy.