Saturday, 10 April 2010

Dog bites man

I see there's a headline on page 14 of the Racing Post today which reads, "Hills in call for government to tackle Betfair over levy".

In it, Ralph Topping (for it is he) states that William Hill pays more than three times as much levy as Betfair (that'll be because you make three times as much money on racing, Ralph), and that Betfair receives 'extremely favourable tax treatment'.

I would write more, but I'm afraid I'm falling asleep (as I am sure are you).

Just before I nod off, I've got one thought, though. Why don't the Racing Post just leave page 14 untouched for the next year? It will save them having to re-format each time, and I'm not sure anyone will notice.

Can anyone tell me any other story that hasn't changed in eight years that is still reported by the newspapers?

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