Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Congratulations to a former university contemporary of mine, Sarah Winckless, on today being named the first Chair of the new BOA Athletes' Commission. I'm delighted for her.

It's hard to hear of her appointment, though, without wondering whether the existence of the BOA AC will cause further confusion in the world of British sport. There is, after all, already a British Athletes' Commission.

I understand from the Chief Executive of the BAC, Pete Gardner, that the BAC will continue to represent British sportsmen who take part in the Olympic sports, while the BOA AC is an advisory group for the British Olympic Association, comprising Olympic athletes; and I have seen a very good document advising of the difference in jurisdiction between the two.

Maybe I'm the dunce, having once turned up to the offices of UK Sport for a meeting with Sport England.

But you have to wonder how many bodies there are in sport in our country, and how many people who don't have the privilege of being able to ask a million questions about who has responsibility for what, just give up the ghost on the basis that it's all too hard to work out who decides what, when.

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