Monday, 22 March 2010

Bottom Line, Radio 4

The Bottom Line went out over the weekend. I ended up recording it for Betfair because David Yu was ill and couldn't make it. The programme covered regulation and competition, and had the Chief Executive of Wimpey and the European head of Diageo as guests.

Other than me somehow contriving to describe Bwin as a betting exchange rather than a betting company, the programme is interesting for me to see how they edited it, from the point of view that they have cut out anything that they consider to be advertising for your company. With so much that is positive to say about Betfair and the extent to which it offers something ground-breaking for the consumer, that means they need to take out quite a lot! They recorded an hour, and the programme lasts less than half of that.

One line which I am interested to see that they cut was that I described Betfair as the natural successor to Virgin in the 1980s and Dyson in the 1990s, given that it is the most successful, ground-breaking British company of the 2000s. They've literally lifted that line and left in the two either side of it, 19 minutes and 56 seconds in!

If you're interested in the programme, you can see it on iPlayer here.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, had a listen the other day and enjoyed it.

    It was interesting to hear what you had to say about BWin.