Thursday, 25 March 2010

Memory Lane

I've been stuck in a combination of Board and strategy meetings for the last couple of days, and have another all-dayer tomorrow, so time for serious postings has been thin on the ground. But I found a moment to look at a blog posting which really brings back the memories, which I got sent by a Google Alert which picks up anything to do with my father.

Prompted by the death of Harry Carpenter - top man that he was - the blog has pulled together some nostalgic clips of sports programmes from the 70s and 80s, and I thought it was fabulous.

Strangely, the most nostalgic for me was not one of the BBC programmes, but the theme tune to ITV's The Big Match. For obvious reasons, it was obligatory Sunday watching in our household, and we had a ritualistic dance at the end of it which basically comprised my sister and me, aged about 8 and 6, charging at dad and being thrown up in the air. Happy days.

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